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Enjoy the fun in the sun that comes with owning a boat or other water recreation vehicle, but hate the thought of it sitting on the water all year long? Let those worries drift away on the current. Marine Works offers a covered dry storage facility that boasts 22 total units. We have 17 roomy, 12′ x 30′ units; perfect for your larger boat or Seadoo collection. We also have cozy, 12′ x 12′ units that are great for smaller boats and other water craft.

Along with the dry storage buildings, Marine Works also provides storage in our secure boat yard. Boat owners are welcome to bring their own tarps to cover their boats, but if you don’t have one, we can provide one for you. Availability of space in the boat yard depends on the size of the vessel.

Why Dry Storage?

Dry Storage is the best way to protect your boat and other water craft from the harsh weather conditions. Leaving your boat unprotected increases the risk of wear and tear, weather damage, oxydation, and bleaching. This, in turn, raises your repair and maintenance costs.

For more information on our dry storage facility, contact Tina at (859) 748-6180, or email her here.